Winthrop Close Up Show 1 Spring 2007


Winthrop Close Up Show 1 Spring 2007



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s episode deals with the arresting of the man who was breaking into to homes on campus, New Update on Campus Security, Reasons why the weather keeps changing, inclement weather problems, New Academic Program, Closing of Local banks, Cross Cultures Dinner, the York County Shrink Down, Different ways to get fit, Police Training on Campus, Sculpting Excellence Segment on Shaun Cassidy, New Year’s Resolutions, and the Eagles Sports Update along with the Cultural Events and Entertainment Update.


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Spring 2007


Rock Hill

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Phillip Reynolds Sports Producer: Alison Rauch Arts and Entertainment Producer: Brooke Barber Associate Producers: Amber Baragona and Geoff Blackman Director: Justin Peterson Technical Editor: Lorna Webster Technical Director: Brandon Taylor Audio Director: Rich Owensby VTR Operator: Megan Turbeville Graphics: Kelly Sumpter Graphic Design: Jeremy Harriot Teleprompter: JT Taylor News Anchors: Megan Carr and Jeremy Harriot Sports Anchor: Russell Felder Arts and Entertainment Anchor: Brooke Barber Floor Director: Megan McIntyre Camera 1: Chris Gaynor Camera 2: Adam LaRoche Camera 3: Stephen Williams Instructors: Mr. Haney Howell and Mr. Mark Nortz



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Winthrop Close Up Show 1 Spring 2007