Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2005


Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2005



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s show deals with an incident within the Bancroft building, McBride hall's casino night, ways to save on computer purchases, the "Brother to Brother" program, possible changes to the Thompson cafeteria, the roll of an R.A., the common book committee, Winthrop's residence student's association, the Dinkins student union, the cultural events calendar, as well as the annual eagle sports update.


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Fall 2005


Rock Hill

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Katie Thacker
Sports Producer: Emery Glover
Cultural Events Producer: Lavaris Clark
News Anchor: Michelle Knowlin
News Anchor: Chasen Thoennes
Sports Anchor: Latoya Mayes
Cultural Events Anchor: Charity Jackson
Director: Harley Huntington
Technical Director: Britt Mitchell
Audio: Matt Yarbrough
VTR Operator: Charles Thoennes
Telepromoter : Lynetta Coleman
Floor Director: Chris Calhoun
Camera 1: Josh Slaton
Camera 2: Ryan Singletary
Camera 3: Caryn Little
Graphics: Megan Goings

Instructor MCOM 425: Haney Howell
Instructor MCOM 446: Mark Nortz



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Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2005