Winthrop Close Up Show 9 Fall 2004


Winthrop Close Up Show 9 Fall 2004



Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s show deals with the resignations of three senior professors within the Richard W. Riley College of education, and how these resignations have affected students within the department of education. This episode also consist of a former Winthrop Police officer who is awaiting trial on charges of indecent exposure, an update on Winthrop's construction process, final exam study tips, safety tips for the Holiday season on campus, shopping tips for the Holiday season, as well as the annual Eagle sports report and upcoming cultural events.


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Original Air Date

Fall 2004


Rock Hill

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Adam O'Daniel
News Anchor: Josh Cascio
News Anchor: Crystal Satterwhite
Sports Anchor: Ayanna Austin
Cultural Events Anchor: Will Smalley
Director: Adam O'Daniel
Technical Director: Johannes Schneider
Audio: Rob Dew
VTR Operator: Tiffany Thomas
Teleprompter: Brad Meador
Floor Director: Tawalla Williams
Camera 1: Brandon Stevenson
Camera 2: Alan Garmendia
Camera 3: Matt Tollison
Post Production: Adam O'Daniel and Mark Nortz

Instructor MCOM 425: Haney Howell
Instructor MCOM 446: Mark Nortz



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Winthrop Close Up Show 9 Fall 2004