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Serving Students
Jessica Martin, Amy Phillips, Clarissa Elmore, Shawnna Helf, Chantelle Davidson, Christa Guilbaud, and Elena Payne-Wiens


Getting More Mileage With Hybrids
Matthew Metzgar and Jaesoon An


Professional Development Developed
Laura A. Tamberelli, Kim Buch, Caryl Gordon, Dusti Annan EdD, and Mary Mauldin EdD


Getting Better Online
Kiran Budhrani, Florence Martin, Swapna Kumar, Albert Ritzhaupt, Mary L. Slade, and Bryndle Bottoms


Strategies for Effective Teaching
Emily Morgan, Seth E. Jenny, Geraldine Jenny, and Alice Burmeister


Focus On Students
Nhu Nguyen, Jennifer Wall, and Patrick Guilbaud


Expanding Education through Service Learning
Shawnna Helf and Chantelle Davidson


Alternative Facts: Learning Only Happens in the Classroom
Jessica Martin, Amy Phillips, and Clarissa Elmore


Teaching Teachers: Targeted Professional Development for Adjunct Faculty
Laura A. Tamberelli, Kim Buch, and Caryl Gordon


Creating Rigor in Online Course Discussions
Mary L. Slade and Bryndle Bottoms


Award-Winning Online Faculty Perspectives on Online Teaching Roles and Competencies
Kiran Budhrani, Florence Martin, Swapna Kumar, and Albert Ritzhaupt

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